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Laser Periodontics

Laser Periodontics

Forget about that intimidating tray of scalpels and drills that often sits by your side at the dentist’s office. With the latest techniques in laser dentistry, Cancun dental experts at DENTISTAR can ensure an effective and comfortable dental visit – minus the use of sharp tools that can often cause pain and swelling. LASER TREATMENT OF GUM DISEASE Treatment of gum disease is aimed at cleaning the debris and toxins from beneath the gum-line. This is accomplished painlessly and comfortably using the latest and most conservative approach that suits your particular stage of disease. All phases of treatment is provided by our board-certified periodontist, Dr. Loria, using Laser technology. WATERLASE LASER DENTISTRY The use of laser light energy in modern dentistry provides dentists with more precision when treating teeth and gums, eliminating the need for aggressive dental methods that often lead to bleeding, swelling and discomfort. DENTISTAR’s Dr. Loria is one of the few dentists in Cancun who offers WaterLase laser dentistry, a combination of laser energy and water that results in a gentle experience in the dentist’s chair. HEALTHY AND BEAUTIFUL GUMS Laser periodontal dentistry treats gum disease, or periodontal disease, by removing debris and toxins from the gum line and killing bacteria, preventing the infection from getting worse. If you suffer from gingivitis or periodontitis, you can discuss a laser treatment approach with Dr. Loria that works best for your specific condition. In addition to preventing further damage to your teeth caused by infection, laser dentistry can also help restore your smile with the latest in cosmetic procedures, including: Laser Gum Lift: A procedure that involves shaping tissue to lift the gums, making your teeth appear longer and resulting in a more symmetrical smile Laser Gum Graft: A procedure used to correct receding gums which often avoids taking tissue from another part of the mouth to cover the exposed roots Laser Gum Depigmentation: Also called gum bleaching, this procedure removes dark pigmentation from the gums for a healthy-looking smile.You are missing one or more teeth SAY GOODBYE TO DRILLS Laser dentistry allows you to be more comfortable in the dentist’s chair, reducing the bleeding and swelling that often accompanies certain dental procedures, as well as shortening the amount of time it takes for your mouth to heal following a procedure. Without the use of drills, scalpels and stitches during dental procedures, you no longer have to dread making an appointment at the dentist’s office. Call DENTISTAR today and discover how laser dentistry can improve your smile!